Tonight's the night when we go uptown
Gonna beat some drunks til they don't make a sound!
Cos I think with my fists and I've got...
Shit for brains!

All these chicks make me hot in the pants
So I'll just give her a queasy squeeze of the ass!
If she doesn't eat right out of my hand
In the alley I'll have her take off her pants!
Cos all is good and all is well when I've got...
Shit for brains!

The dumber I am all the more beer I get and
I'm just about to lose what was left of my brain
Now I'm diagnosed with brainrot cos I've got...
Completely no ****ing brains at all...

Intelligence isn't cool
It's all about acting the tool
Honey, don't walk outta the door
Just take a sip, you'll be wanting more!

I'm ok when I'm telling myself
"I can parade around in my hard man strut"
"I can **** even more than your average slut"

Although it seems im in serious denial
I may be queer just not while...
I've got shit shit for brains
I wear pink 'cos I have no insecurities
I have no insecurities
Or so I think!

By this time i'm usually shitting my pants
Now what the hell am I to do?
My image is ruined "boo-****in-hoo!"
I'm shit for brains!

(Crying in background)
Last edited by Adam_Harrison9 at Jan 18, 2007,
hmmmm... you use the word beer way too much, the whole thing seems sloppy and disjointed, the message is easily misconstrued and overall it seems this is quite offensive (however, I am not offended but I'm sure some people are) It's very racy and on the edge and that is captivating however.... maybe just sit with it for awhile and work on making it all flow together better... keep with the same heading throughout... anyhoo, not half bad crit4crit?
I like the "Intelligence isn't cool It's all about acting the tool", because if you switch "tool" and "cool" , they make sence
Possibly influenced by "Police Truck"? I thought it was an ok song, definately not for anyone but a punk band. It kinda got sloppy towards the end.