I have a mesa boogie lonestar. Just got a Zoom G9.2tt multi effects. I want to run my mesa through it and bypass the amp modeling and use the effects. But I also want to use the amp models every once in a while and its supposed to be used kinda like a preamp I think... so is it ok to put it in the effects loop? How do I work this out? or is it basically pick one or the other? Does it need to be run into the input or effects loop?

Ugh god this is a mess. Do you catch my drift?
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i think you should be able to bypass the amp models, with the push of a button - should say in the manual - you can with the effects processors i've tried, in which case you can put it in front of the amp - guitar -> pedal -> amp, OR in the effects loop, but if you can't and you want to use the pedal as a pre-amp, then you can go guitar -> pedal -> effects loop return/power-amp in.

i hope that helps, it was a bit more complicated to explain than i thought it was going to be
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