Ok my friend found this site, i cant remember what it is so i hope some of you can help me find it/similar one or something maybe completely different. I want to be able to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time on my pc, i realise i need emulation software. So can anyone tell me where to get (free) emulator for (xp) PC, zelda: ocarina of time, And anything else i will need to be able to play this fantastic game on my PC! Thanks.
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search 'n64 roms' and 'n64 emulator' on google, works like a charm. I think N64 on the pc blows without the controller though.
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Ok my friend found this site, i cant remember what it is

you've never managed to find one have you?
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It also sucks if you don't plug your TV onto your PC to anti-alias the image because you could cut your eyes off those freaking jaggies.
project 64 ... and it's not illegal because nintendo isn't making any money off of it anymore, so they decided not to pursue copyright cases.
Emulators are legal, but not roms. Check the Nintendo policy on roms, they're only legal if you own the original and you dumped it yourself. Also yes they're still making money off it, ever heard of the Wii Virtual Console?
The new ones would be illegal. If there are ones for the game cube and the wii. But not for n64 or anything earlier.
Sadly yes they are and because of the Virtual Console now they're telling big rom websites to take off the NES, SNES and N64 roms.