Yo, bass dudes. I need a bass player in Calgary who wants to be in an original rock band. We have everythng but a bassist (drummer, singer, lead guitar, probably second guitar too), and our memebers are all on our second and third bands, so a bit of experience is needed. You don't need to be Flea or Jaco, but you need to be soild. Our main focus musically will be simply creating good pieces of music that generally sound like rock, but with NO SUB-GENRES. Just good tunes that sound like whatever they sound like.

Our memebers are spread out around Calgary, but if you live in the SW, that's a bonus. You must be at least 18 and no older than 26-ish. Having a car is a bonus too, but it's not a deal-breaker. No junkies or crackheads, but pot and booze are ok as long as you're professional with your music. We're all between 19 and 24, and are good-natured, easygoing, etc...

write to asstoupee@hotmail.com

or reply to this thread

thanks in advance