Ive got an ibanez s2170 and a roland cube 60

but ive been thinking bout expanding my pedal collection but i dont know where to start

im thinking about getting a pod XTlive

are they any good?

any other recomendations for pedal boards would be great


My first thought would be to get a solid distortion/overdrive pedal, though it all depends on what type of music you play.
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i play everything

but my main guitar is my ibanez atm

and im into classic rock to hard rock

so i want a pedal board that can handle huge variety.

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Take a look into Boss, I love my Boss DS-1, also look into marshall, I have a Marshall BB-II bluesbreaker, and it sounds great also.

Also look into Electro harmonix muffs.

Some companies to look into are Boss, Marshall, Electro Harmonix, Dunlop, Ibanez, Digitech (for the whammy only i hear their other pedals suck)

Also If you want a huge pedal board it might be good into looking at rackmount effects, I'm afraid I don't know which ones are good or not but I know they're good for compacting many effects into a small pedalboard.
pod xt live is definately the way to go. you can get any sound out of it and its great for recording. If you get this you will love it. No question.
i got a boss mega distortion MD-2. VERY solid and versatile crunch settings. bottom and treble adjusters, volume, distortion level and gain boost. very sweet stomp.
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neither is great. The Fender is bad though, unlike the Behringer which sounds so bad that it makes you want to stab out your own eardrums with a blunt pencil . hope that was helpful.