This is a song id forgotten id wrote and wouldve lost it if i hadnt just happened to fall on its page!

Think early pink floyd style

Do you think its peaceful way up there?
Among the clouds up in the sky
or is it turmoil like down here?
well never know because of all our fears!
Of flying high

We'd rather stay down on this earth
than rise up like eagles do
It really is beautiful sometimes
In the world of white and blue
and flying high!

Its not the same flying in a plane
when your trapped inside
but then again how would i know
cos i hate the feeling of my feet leaving the ground
And flying high


Tell me what you think
Crit for Crit
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I think its great for that floyd-ish style. I agree with it being a tad bit short though, unless you plan on having really spacious ambient guitar parts, although I'm not sure if you intend on doing that. Either way, good stuff man.
I get the concept. You have some very good thoughts like "well never know because of all our fears! Of flying high" probably my favorite in the song.

Besides that the "plane" verse seems uncharacteristic for the song. It just didnt seem to fit to me.

Overall, it's pretty good considering you did this a while ago. btw thx 4 reading mine.
So thats the second time I got crabs.
Was this inspired by a certain incident involving a milk float? I hear that you flew pretty far then!! Anyway cool song, probably your best so far. I like how you repeat "flying high." The second verse is probably my favourite, I really like "the world of white and blue."
Could be longer though, maybe try and write a chorus.

Could you crit my latest?