should i get a fender telecaster a fender stratocast (both standard models) or the gibson les pual melody maker? im lookin for a crunch kinda sound i guess like punk/ hard rock
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i have a standard strat and i get a pretty good rock sound out of it, its very diverse and you can get almost any sound out of it...i've played a tele before and it just seemed so much more twangy to me than anything else...never played a les paul so i don't know what to say about it
The Les Paul is my suggestion - although you'll be extremely limited in versatility due to it's single pickup.
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im a gibbo person, but i say get the fender, the melody makers are one of the lowest end gibsons

there is also an Epi LP standard in that price range or even the custom
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While I really don't like Fender,, The Melody Maker really is not the best for doing hard rock,,,,If you're going more for the punk side It might be better suited however,,,,
also while i don't like fender its all a matter of taste,,,,
I'd say Fender Fat Strat, the Gibson Melody Maker would be good but is highly limited due to it's one pickup. Try them out in stores to see which you like better.
Try them all out and see for yourself, they're all different guitars.
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