How can I get that oh so warm and funky tone?

Which guitar would you say is most suited for it?

I'm thinking a Fender Strat... with some wah wah. But I think I'm missing something. Any help?
Well, the Reggae tone is usually a pretty sharp clean sound. Use the bridge pickup. Play staccatto chords with upstrokes on the 2nd and 4th beats of the bar. The bass drum plays the 1st beat.

You might wanna use a short delay with 1-2 repeats for some extra vibe. Works well.

And a strat should do fine, but you can play reggae on almost any guitar.
Strat works perfect. I love reggae and I play it alot on mine.
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You could use just about any guitar really. I've seen strats, teles, Bob Marley played a Les Paul sometimes. Generally clean amps like Fender Twins. The reggae sound is a lot about playing on the upbeat, a fun intro would be some Sublime like Santeria.
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Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, If you count Ska as a type of reggae, even Ibanez.
IMO look at a guitar with a variety of pickups so HSS HSH, maybe HSP90 HSLipstick pickup etc.
An old Silvertone or Danelectro would be a great reggae/surf guitar.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
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AHHH gotcha! And the upstroke is wah'd.

Thanks man!

I thought it was when you down stroked you wah'd becuase its usually muted and wah'd but thats just what i read.
I can get some nice reggae tones out of my Fender Jaguar
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