ok, a pretty simple heavy rock tune here, influenced by Kyuss, Atomic Bitchwax, and other such 'Stoner' rock bands. tuned down to C, a nod to kyuss. Nuthin' Fancy

I know the Bridge riff seems a bit seperate from the rest of the song, that was the idea. also the second solo blows bigtime, writing solos has never been my strong point, i usually improvise.

The name is just because i dont have lyrics for it yet, therefore no title.
Cheese Helmet.zip
I'm critting as i listen and for some reason the intro makes me think of the show law and order, i dont know why. The heavier riff is really good and the drums and bass fit well. Sounds very professionl. The solo isn't really bad at all, it sounds good to me. Theres no problem with the bridge either, it fits fine. Actually a really good song, i like it. 8/10. crit mine? (links in the sig).
I love it man. It sparks up nostalgia from when i was a kid playin platforms on SNES. Great sound man. 5 stars from me partner.
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this is amazing, love solo 2. the bridge sounds a bit bar though, maybe a rhythm part and a different bass part?
I can't say anything really bad about this piece. I can't believe this is considered stoner rock!