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i don't think it influences violence.

metal is played by people who are either outwardly violent and crazy, or who are inwardly violent and are venting it thru aggressive music. and sometimes it's just played by good musicians who like the challenge of fast heavy music.

metal is listened to by lots of people, to be fair. Not all of them are violent. But think of how many metal fans you know who are constantly doing violent crap. Now think of how many John Mayer fans you know that pick fights on a regular basis. Metal is a good soundtrack to being an agressive prick. It's also good music to listen to if that's your taste. It doesn't have to be both. The simple fact that not everyone who listens to metal has a history of violence is a testament to that.

violence is caused by more than just music. a lot more.
Metal is not violent. Its just theres bands that think theyre cool so they make people violent. Its society that is violent not your music. Its just sounds that can mean anything just as everything. bad lyrics dont influence you at all.
If you need research material, look for the court record for the case that Judas Priest put subliminal messages in their music, causing 2 teenagers to commit suicide. Or, you can look for information concerning the Ozzy thing, with Suicide Solution.
Oh crap!
I think it really depends on who your listening too and what the bands really try to promote. Bands like Avenged Sevenfold (off the top of my head) don't promote violence but Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down) if you have seen him in concert pretty much is all for it. Although I say this, I am a huge Pantera fan I must say.
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I don't know what the **** you people are talking about, I claimed Antarctica for my self decades ago, if anybody steps on it with out my permission I'll get them!
tbh, i think its more rap and r+b that make people want to live the "gangsta" life, drivebys, car jackings etc.
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Metal music may be aggressive at times, but pretty much every metalhead I know is a friendly, calm and sensible person. Of course there are a few exceptions, but there are always eceptions so I don't think metal music influences violence.
just because a few mentally imbalance dolts get all riled up listening to metal and go pick fights cannot prove that metal causes violence. if your theory that some black metal causes violence is true, there would be a large spike in violent crime rates right around the release dates of anticipated black metal albums. Perhaps the people that MAKE such truly extreme music are twisted, but it's the crazy people that BUY the records. The records don't just recruit new crazy people.
i don't think it influences violence. If anything its good music to listen to when you wanna get violent but choose not to cuz you know the consequences.
When a Slayer fan kills someone, its because he listens to Slayer and metal music has told him to do it

When a Jimi Hendrix fan kills someone, its just because he was a bit of a whacko

Metal is just used as an excuse when crimes are comitted and used as a scapegoat because its easier than just saying "Oh he was clearly insane"

There have been some crimes closely linked to metal music (Varg Vikernes, Euronymous, Jon from Dissection, Samoth/Faust from Emperor) but most of these people are unstable anyway and would have probably gone on to commit crimes regardless of what music genre they listened to.
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Heavy metal and violence only go hand in hand for the posers and the weak minded.

Sums it up. You are what you are, not what you listen to.
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Metal, IMO does not cause violence (only the good natured stuff in the pit). I've been to loads of gigs and festivals and haven't seen that much violence....so little in fact that it isn't really worth mentioning. The most i've seen is at 2006 download and that riot was a bit of a storm in a tea cup...

If you go around town on a Friday/Saturday night you'll see more violence from the townies and mainstream lot then metalheads....i'm not saying that trendy music incites fights etc but in my experience there is a lot more camaraderie from people into the alternative scenes. be it rock, goth or whatever.

To blame music, whatever it's genre, is to ignore the true reason for anti social behaviour.

I mean look at it....you will see more grahic images of violence etc, etc on console games, films and the news and they don't often get held up as being the root of all evil, certainly not as regularly as metal....Music is an easy target that is too easy to scapegoat. And loads of average, middle of the road people are to happy to believe it without looking any deeper.

with regards to the Judas Priest case...those two kids were screwed from the get go....mentally ****ed by their surroundings and their family life. Priest did not convert them to the dark side.....they would have done something stupid at sometime whatever they listened to. The propensity towards violence/suicide/anti social behaviour is within the individual

The ozzy one, i can't comment on cos i don't really know the story....
Well... Mosh pits are violent, but they're 'safe' violence; there are rules that people understand, it's consensual, and it's as much about getting hurt as it is about hurting others - in fact it's often more about the former. People who listen to Metal are often incredibly chilled-out, in my experience, because their anger's focussed elsewhere.

So my answer is 'No'.
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damn, I pressed yes by accident

I of course mean NO xD

Music can be responsible for feelings, but not for violence
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death metal? yeah. some. cannibal corpse for example.
heavy metal? no. bands like iron maiden even have deep and very intellectual lyrics that often refer to historical and literature.

actually, there even was the "hear n' aid" project. lots of heavy metal and hard rock bands got together to record an awesome song with all the bands together (hear n' aid - we're stars) and ALL the money that was earned with that song, was donated to children in africa.

if that promotes violence, then mother theresa was a ***** and stalin was greek

they did a special on this on the history or discovery channel. they talked about some Norwegian death metal band or something like that that supposedly got people to sacrifice themselves for satan or something along those lines.

it's funny to see the crazy claims people can make.
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Ffs, what kind of argument is this.

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