Or I think it's in iTunes problem. So anyways, I got an Amon Amarth album and when I look at the files, everything is normal such as file size, song length and such and such (Besides the song titles, which are really screwed up for some reason). Then I try to play the songs in iTunes but for some reason, they all show up with times ranging from 25 minutes to 46 minutes, when the original times are around 3 or 6 minutes. It also seems like a lot of the guitar riffs are extended, but I'm not going to listen through 46 minutes of a song to see if that's the only problem. I've opened the songs in WMP and they work just fine so I have no clue of what the problem could be. Can someone help?
No they are actually mp3, and after further inspection, it seems the files are bad. I tried out all of the song files and only one actually will play in WMP. I guess I'll just have to dl them over again.
my ipod wont let me have videos on my ipod that has audio with it, suckz