Is his ESP Sig. Bass worth getting?

I know the price is outrageous but my cousin said it was awesome.
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I've playe dthe thing at a Sam Ash. The price was outrageous but it was such a nice bass. If I had the moeny needed to get the thing I probably would.
IMO no sig ESP is worth getting, from all the ones ive seen. (mostly guitars but im sure the basses are probably just as expensive if not moreso) For the price of most of them you could find a local Luthier and have them build something just as nice to your specs.
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The ESP? It's a custom shop instrument, of course the price is outrageous.

The LTD? Namely the TA-600? It's great. Priced right, good playability, nice aggressive sound, I'd buy one but I don't really play 4 strings or passive style (Volume/Blend/Tone) basses anymore.

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I own a TA-500 (predcesor of the 600) and it KICKS ASS!!! The sound is awesome, i love the look (and the finish is very durable.) If only it was a five string...
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