i'm not talking about limewire or kazaa or anything. i mean a website where i can go, put in the name, and get a few songs. i've heard of megadeth before and i think they're cool but the only songs i've actually heard were "hangar 18" "kill the king" and "symphony of destruction".

a few people have told me "she wolf" and "holy wars" were good songs so i was hoping i could download them off a site and hear them :\

if anyone knows could you tell me?
Holy Wars, and Dread of the Fugitive Mind are good. You could see if they are downloadable on the Megadeth's myspace.
Holy wars rocks, and yeah check their myspace.
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thanks, i've checked their myspace before and there's nothing downloadable on it. i think the last time i checked was maybe two or three days ago.
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Go buy Rust in Peace, you won't regret it

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Go buy Rust in Peace, you won't regret it

Yeah that's my favorite album. I bought that one myself and my friend got my Youthanasia for Christmas.

Megadeth > Metallica - by far.

I got the complete discography on torrentspy.