ok i am upgrading my pc i was thinking of getting this http://www.arbico.co.uk/Pentium-D-Skt-775-Dual-core-68GHZ-CPU--Asus-P5VD2-MX-motherboa-p-17361.html thats an intel pentium d , duel core 3.4ghz so thats a total of 6.8ghz and it comes with a pci-e mother bord, i am also gettin an ati radeon x1600pro, think its a good idea?
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not really, It's a pentium D, one of there lower quality. It is not 6.8ghz, that is false advertising lol, it is 3.4 duel core (not the same thing, you wont get twice the speed) the x1600 pro is already pretty dated and with vista/dx10 your better off waiting for an nvidia 8800 to drop in price in about 6 months.

I was looking at the price and honestly, its not a good deal at all. After video card, Ram, case, Psu, Os and optical drives (HDD, cd/dvd) your looking at over 600 pounds or $1,000 us.

You can easilly build a much better system for that price.
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Get a Mac Pro with 2 dual-core 3ghz processors, 16gb of RAM, 4 750GB harddrives, QuadroFX 4500 video card (its worth 2000$) and 2 30inch cinema displays and dual boot Windows on it, its only 20 000$.

Anyways a dual-core 3.4ghz is not equal to 6.8ghz. It means the processor has 2 cores to work faster, but still not everything is adapted to dual-core processors so these applications will work like if you had one 3.2ghz processor.
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