Ive been really unhappy with my tone for a while now and i thought about replacing the pickups in my les paul but people advised me not to as my amp is not that good, its a peavey bandit 112.
I am now thinking of buying an Orange Tiny Terror head and a Orange 1x12 cab, can anyone help or advise me.
I want an amp that could be very versitile (if possible) cos i like to play a wide range of styles
Thanks for the help
The Vox's are awfully popular, well seem to be around here. So i played one the other day and have decided to sell my marshall to get one because they are really nice.

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i have the same amp i jsut put a pedal on it and it sounds great...i love it
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how much would that cost? because i start my job in a week and im gonna save up my money to buy a new amp, and from what ive heard, orange amps are pretty good.
im not sure off the top of my head but i think the head is around £399 and the cab about £200
Ive heard they are great so just after people opinions
So I'm thinking about getting a tiny terror with say a 2 x 12 cab... for those of you who have them, is the 7 watt mode quiet enough to use without an attenuator?