Okay, I'm not sure if I should post this here or in the relationship thread but if I should move it please tell me. Here goes, my friend recently broke up with her boyfriend who I think is a bit of an asshole. Now she has a new boyfriend and she has started saying to him that her ex-boyfriend is hanging around her alot and she doesn't like it. So now she's asked me on msn to tell her boyfriend about how her ex is always hanging about her and stuff.I think she is trying to get her boyfriend to beat her ex up. Now I think her ex is an asshole but i don't want him to get beaten up by her boyfriend (who is big and strong and sort of built like a tank) so what should I say to him? That her ex is hanging around her alot (which he kind of is but not as much as she says) or that he doesn't(which could ruin our friendship).Thanks in advance.

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I say don't het involved, they can sort it out for themselves
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you got caught in the middle of something that is really not your business...

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i wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole. nah if you really have to, then go for it, cause if he's an asshole he has it coming.
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tell your friend that you don't wanna get involved.
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don't get into it. you could end up getting your ass beat and losing a friendship.
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