I can't take the back plate (the one where the battery goes) off my ESP EC-500, i take off all the screws but i can't get it off.
Anyone got an EC series and know how take it off?
as i said in the other thread
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if you have like a flathead jewelry screwdriver or really any tiny thing that would work as a wedge just slide that into the crack and pop it out, be careful though.
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yeh sometimes whens stuffs new things fit tightly, be very careful though or you could damage something.
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If you have an allen (hex) wrench, the just stick the shorter side through the hole and hook it out.
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hmm tryed all your ideas and still couldn't get it out, there's basiclly no room for me to wedge something down
any ideas?
maybe try putting some double sided sticky tape onto a block of wood and press down on the backplate. If the tape has enough grip/stick you should be able to pull the plate out with the block
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