hey i got some of this stuff for crimbo, and i was wondering if i get any of it on the finish of my guitar will it damage it.? because i have heard horror storys from people who have got other products such as lemon oil on their hellraiser's finish's and its created finish bubbles and stuff..

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I put this on my guitar and no harm done, except on my fingers because i was so fast they split : (
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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products like that are made to help one thing and not damage the others, lemon oil is not, you should be fine
I use it regularily on many different acoustic guitars, and on a strat and a LP, and I've never had a problem with it harming the finish - nor have I ever had a problem with it. It's good stuff in my opinion.

A friend of mine who is an amp tech uses it all the time as well and doesn't have any problems with it. Hope that helps

That being said, I wouldn't purposely smear it all over the finish of your guitar and leave it there.
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i put it twice a day on my squier's maple fretboard. the product is awesome. makes the strings feel like new strings even if they are 2 months old. no harm done so far.