Ever since I first laid hands on the recorder in 3rd grade I knew I would hate the instrument. I don't see why the recorder was ever invented, it sounded shitty and you never learned any songs besides liek the Star Spangled Banner. I personally think the recorder personally turned me off music for 5 years.

My question is, did anyone actually play the recorder, and if so did they enjoy it?

Also do kids still play the recorder at school these days?

^^^For those of you who don't know,or remember, this is the recorder
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Usually a sax/flute player will also pick it up when the song calls for a more tribal or sometimes an irish sound.
I used to try to charm snakes with my recorder in the back yard.
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Yes, this damned instrument turned me off of musical instruments for over 8 years since 2nd grade, until I found the guitar. Now I love all musical instruments, except the damned recorder
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Yes... then i became for keyboardist for my primary schools recorder group. Until my english teacher forced me to stop taking keyboard lessons... bitch...

Its the worst sounding instrument out there, but they're cheap so schools buy them to try and teach pupils 'music'
Whats even worse than playing the recorder, is having a younger sibling learning to play the recorder....*shudders*.
Triangle is pretty badass if used in the right situation. (Musically that is)
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Sufjan Stevens uses recorders pretty effectively.

It's an instrument that has its uses, but the problem is that a lot of parents put their kids on recorder lessons to give them a basic musical education. In most cases, it's a decision made by the parents, while the kid would much rather go out and play football or something. That's not going to make the kid appreciate music, it's gonna make the kid hate the recorder.
But most parents are stupid like that.
Flute > Recorder. School's should give flute lessons. I know it's played a little different but flutes sound awesome.

And what exactly does the recorder record?
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Recorders are fucking kvlt.
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Or how about the whole South Park episode dedicated almost exclusively to recorders and a recorder recital?
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I remember in my music class in highschool the mentally challenged kids would play the recorder.

There was this one short, stalky, chubby, girl that tried to jam out with me on her recorder and me on the guitar. It was very, very awkward.
i used to play the recorder,man that sucked...
i also used to play the kazoo if that counts...