I decided to write something a little lighter and happier than most of the depressing songs posted here, and here it is, maybe its a too light for some, but still I think its nice, what do you think?

Every morning I wake I up
I see her face and smile
If I get up and she isn't there
I'd cry till the night comes back

She puts a smile on my face
Without it I can't laugh
If her pretty green eyes
don't look at me I'll die

every noon I look up
Straight to the sky
See the brightest of suns
look down at me and smile

She puts a smile on its face
Without it it won't shine
if her pretty green eyes
Don't look at it it will die

At my afternoon nap
I dream of her wavey hair
Close the curtains and
Hear my bed sigh

Then when the night comes
I see the farthest of stars
Shining for her
Through those millions of miles

She puts a smile on their face
Without it they fight
Against the darkness of space
The sadness of time