Poll: ibanez S520EX or ibanez S470
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Ibanez S520EX
7 54%
Ibanez S470
6 46%
Voters: 13.
I voted thje S520EX just because it sounds like it is better with a bigger number. No experience with either, although all Ss' are soooooo nice.
I prefer the S470, more versatile with HSH as opposed to HH. Some people complain the middle single coil gets in the way however.
They sound almost the same, it's all about cosmetics (if you don't care about the middle pickup... something I don't). And then for me, the S520EX wins.
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I like the versitility of a single in the middle, and I like having all inlays instread of that stupid mark only on the 12th.
Yes, it will have side markers. If you save enough money by getting the 470, you could replace a pup or just have a little extra cash in your pocket.
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