Ok amidst leaving my guitar at my friends house he got permanent maker and decided to draw on my godin! Its has the plexi like mirror!! I need to get it off and quick! Its water resistant PM too so..

I was thinking maybe white spirt? but Im afraid that that could maybe **** it up??

I need help you guys!!!
sorry man. Go tell him that he perminately ****ed up the guitar and that he has to buy you a new one. Dont let him do that and get away with it. Its the dumbest idea to draw on a friend's guitar...
What's up with some of these guys?
This isn't the first case of some UG users friend ****ing up some equipment that isn't theirs.
Some people have no respect for other peoples property.

Do what call1800ksmyazz said. Make him get you a replacement or fix the problem (without screwing it up any further). If he won't, then give him the same treatment he gave you with something that he cherishes (sp?).

Also, don't use whitespirit or paintthinner, as it may dull the plexifinish. Go to a hardware store or something and ask the guys there what might be good.
Maybe some light-nailpolish or some mild stainremover, idk.
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Two tricks

Go over the pen in waterbased ink - you know, the stuff teachers write on whiteboards with. For some reason, that gets rid of permanant pen

The other trick, which is probably more harmful for a guitar finish is to use nail varnish remover (acetone). I use permanant pen when I write on laminated sheets of card and remove it with a small nail varnish remover pad

Do it asap though, otherwise it will be harder to shift
ok I used nail varnish remover and it worked like a dream! so thanks guys, and yes I did give him a piece of my mind!
Quote by False_God
ok I used nail varnish remover and it worked like a dream! so thanks guys, and yes I did give him a piece of my mind!

i would have gave him a piece of foot in his butt.
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Just smear your poo on it

Then laugh as he tries to get that off...

What an inconsiderate "mate"
Just use one of those magic erasers. Then go over to his house, beat his ass, then draw all over his crap.
Glad to see you got it off. Draw with perm. marker on his walls. Cant get that off unless you paint over it. Or if he has a satin finish guitar, draw on it.
Just seen this. some people are unbelievable these days. who the **** writes on their friends guitars.

i would have wrapped his around his fricken neck!
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