Couldn't think of a more fitting word. My technique is oscillating a lot. What I mean is that at some period I play with a perfect technique, both with the picking and the fretting hand, and some days later it becomes distorted, greatly affecting the play. Afterwards, it takes me a day or two to revert to the previous state. The changes are not permanent but sure are annoying.

Any similar experiences and advices to stop this?
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it happens to me, it depends on my mood, sometimes i just can come out with a decent riff and i sound really sloppy, and sometimes i can even shred
yeah i call them shred days, when you totally amaze urself, and then the next day or two you wanna break sumthing cause u suck badly....idk wat tis about just keep practicing i guess and play things slower and less sloppy
Yeah i have the same problem, I find that if you don't play for a day then come back to the guitar you'll play better.
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if i wake up on a day off and get 10 mins in of pure going nuts, then when i come back later in the day im in shred mode. dunno how it works, but it works.
I have those days like that every once in a while. But I find that arm/hand/finger warmups and stretches usually help a ton.
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