Yo, I recently brought a brand new RR3 guitar.. which is real nice (Im saving up for the ENGL tube amp, dont worry!)

Ive noticed a real damn annoying thing going on.. its to do with the top E string (yeh i do mean the lil 1st one) ive noticed when i fret at around 12th to around 17/19fret it makes this weird noise.. its not like fret buzz as such but a kinda weird pulsating vibration type thing.. and its really putting me off n making things sound off to me..

I know its a kinda crappy description but its the best i can give atm!

Any thoughts?

Cheers synth002
make sure its set up correctly
like intonation and stuff
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Like an oscilating noise?
To be honest all I can think of is try intonation, changing string, etc.
oscilating thats the word i was looking for thats exactly it, will try changing the string i guess let ya know what happens..

okay, fixed the problem.. guess it was a bad string, it felt a quite rough in some parts could have been on there a while or sumthing.