Anyone else who's interested


TJ1991 - Henrietta
bluemoon05 - Whistle for the Choir (Possibly)

  • It MUST be your own recording
  • backing tracks are allowed (but it would be better without)
  • Vocals are optional
  • Acoustic versions can be submitted
  • you can have as many entries as you want, the same song can be covered many times
  • Deadline is 25th Feb
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XD I win
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Come on, someone please enter!!!
There must be some Fratellis fans out there.......
I can enter with Henrietta, no vocals with my band. If no one enters, I win. Woo!
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Whats a good song by them? Maybe I'll enter if I can play it...

Whistle for the choir, which I may do if i can learn it in time, don't get your hopes up.
I was gonna enter Chelsea Dagger, but we decided to re-record Henrietta anyway.

I'm new to these competitions, so I dont really know anywhere to upload it. Here it is on yousendit, so if it expires let me know and I'll upload it again.

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More people need to enter, I'll extend the dealine to the 25th February,
Just post a link to your song on here if you want to enter.
i would do henrietta, creepin up backstairs, and whiste for choir

...if i had a mic.
I believe its the 26th? And I also believe I am the only entrant, so therefore I win
It seems like TJ1991 is the winner then.
Well done, no one else bothered to enter
Sorry about the late reply, couldn't get on to post in time.
Haha, maybe the band are a bit too obscure for people to bother...

Just out of interest, would this have stood up in some of the more popular comps?