I have been getting into some blues music. Kind of like Robert Johnson, Son House, and all the other old acoustic slide blues players.

I was wondering if you could tell me how much of a different tone a resonator would have as oppose to a regular acoustic being played with a slide? Resonators arent that expensive so I could easily pick one up. And I have an electric that used for electric slide blues. I was just wondering if yall could give me some information on the.
i've often thought about getting a resonator and keep it in an open tuning for slide. they sound great, especially with a slide, acoustics kina sound muddy, whereas resonators don't, but resonators are loud! plus they are bad-ass looking!
Are you a fan of The White Stripes? Jack White really does a killer rendition of Stop Breaking Down and Death Letter Blues.

Anyway. Resonators a really a lot of fun. I've played a few different kinds. Those old Blues singers used Biscuit-style resonators. Those are probably your best bet.
No, Im not a super big fan of the band, but Jack White is pretty good. I havent heard those covers though. I'll have to go look them up.

What difference on the tone, does a brass bodied resonator have?