My first guitar ever was a crappy Peavey Raptor. It has since become my project guitar. It started life purple and went to a reliced vintage white. The relic was decent looking, except the plywood it was made from changed colors, which made for a stupid looking guitar. The guitar will now find its final home as a Material Finish guitar. For those that don't know a material finish is done with fabric.

Original Specs:

3 Single Coils
1 Volume
1 Tone
White Body
Burn-marked Neck

New Specs:

1 Humbucker
1 Volume
Material Finish
Red Neck
Clear Pickguard

Ok...enough intro details lets get on to the project! The stock single coils in this guitar were utter crap. Plus when I re-attached them after the last refinish, I sorta messed up the wiring and made them even crappier. To remedy this situation I decided to make the guitar have a single bridge humbucker, 1 volume, and a killswitch for those days when I'm in a Tom Morello mood. The guitar was surprisingly routed for a humbucker in the bridge and two singles in the neck. To give the guitar more sustain and prevent the fabric from sinking down into the unused single coil routes, I shaped a piece of wood to fit into the routes then filled any gaps with water putty. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this as I did it at my friends Dad's workshop and didn't bring the camera. But lemme tell you, that piece of wood fits so tight in those routes it's not even funny.

Moving on...I then painted the neck red. Which went great. (The discolored spots in the picture are no longer there, they were the original neck burn marks) Then I went to paint the headstock and ****ed it all up, So the neck is now stripped down again completely.

Then came the process of attaching the fabric to the front and back of the body. A tutorial of this can be found at Project Guitar so I won't go in depth. All I will say is that it resulted in six fingers being sliced by exacto knife.

I also cut the pickguard in my friends shop, and routed it for the humbucker. Unfortunately I went a little cheap on the plexiglass I bought, so it cracked right down the middle. I will soon be making another pikcguard with much stronger plexiglass (100X stronger than the first to be exact).

So here are the pictures as the project stands right now

Rolling Stones October 8th.....hell yea
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So you're gonna put a nice clear coat on it now? What will you be using?

And what kind of humbucker is that?
I've got to sand down the clear sealer that I put over the fabric to harden it first, but yes I will then clear coat it. I haven't decided yet, probably just gloss laquer. And it's actually the stock bridge pickup from my Epiphone Les Paul. The LP now has the Duncan JB in the bridge.
Rolling Stones October 8th.....hell yea
This looks reallllly nice. I saw that tutorial on Project Guitar before, but I've always wanted to see someone else try it.

Are you going to do the burst to cover the edges of the fabric or no?
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i hate the tone control, it kills tone.
consider a pattern of the humbucker, cheap trick style.

and btw, peavy guitars that are quality are the cools
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Alright here's a picture update

New pick guard (kind of a bad angle)

Headstock. Looks blurry from that angle, but I wanted to show the unpainted back of the neck. I decided to strip all the red off the neck and i really like the sudden change from just the headstock face colored to the bare neck

There is still no clear coat on it and the sealer needs to be fine fine sanded. I'll be covering the edges with the poor boys burst technique. Oh and in the pictures if the humbucker looks a little crooked...it's cause it is. It had to be a angled slightly to make the pole pieces line up better with the string spacing on the vintage style trem.

Oh and lastly, the pickguard is completely wired except for the output jack, jack sleeve grounding, and trem claw grounding of course. I'll get a picture of it up later
Rolling Stones October 8th.....hell yea
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Ahhh i have finished a material guitar project. make sure you use alot i mean alot of sanding sealer. i did not use enough and it taken alot of clear to make the grain go away, next one will be even better,