So what would be the best amp for good metal and rock sound?
I'd like to get a cool 'BAM in your face' metal distortion tone, like Metallica's Master of Puppets or Slayers Reign in Blood. But also get a cool 60's Jimi Hendrix sound.
And like that isn't enough... a nafty bluesy distortion sound like in Slash' solo's would be quite nice too.

Oh and a decent warm clean sound is never unwanted...

Because these preferances difference so much from eachother, I guess a distortion or fuzz pedal or something would be necessary? Or is there such thing as this super amp?

Now, I am just wondering what amp would suit me (as you can see). Price is no factor yet because I'm just wondering where I could save my money for .

i think a JCM 800 would be good, its got a decent classic marshall sound like what hendrix had, and a lot of thrash bands used them, but id go for one of the early 80s models.
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Kid_Thorazine x2 A JCM800 would be pretty well suited to you. It is incredibly loud, and could really do with a decent OD to kick it into mid-gain early 80's thrash territory. The earlier models are better than the re-issue's, and some prefer the single channel version.

EDIT: Metallica used JCM800's on RTL, KEA and i think No Life 'Til Leather. Countless metal bands use/used them including Slayer.
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Yeah I believe Metallica used Marhall JCM's somewhere on an album.. hmm allright Thanks. Anymore suggestions?
well, i use a JCM 900, and can great cleans, great hendrix tones and great metallica-like tones, all IMO of course, but i'd deffinately reccomend it - but you will need a boost for metal, i use a tubescreamer and i'd reccomend that to - the TS-9 is basicly the industry standard though look at the maxon OD-9
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JCM800, as mentioned Metallica and Slayer used them and it'll get you some good Hendrix tone too. I use a cheap OD pedal with mine and it does Metallica well.
Allright great! If I get the chance I'll deffinatly try them out at the music store, though it's waaaaay out of my budget .
Try the Peavey Windsor as well, I hear good things, plus they're cheap.
well the older 80s model jcm 800s would be perfet but they usually go for a lot. But if you look around I"m sure you could find a good jcm800 on ebay for about 700 or less
Either get a single channel JCM800 and crank it+OD, or a dual channel one.
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I like the Line 6 amps. Metallica has used those and you can find the exact settings for MOP and enter sandman and such
The new Marshall JVM - looks amazing and versatile. And Gibson_Rocker13 you have the same avatar as me!!!
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^ have you played or even heard a JVM? Sure it might be perfect but how can you recommend it? The MG's "look amazing and versatile" too but that hardly makes them a good amp.
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Allright great! If I get the chance I'll deffinatly try them out at the music store, though it's waaaaay out of my budget .

Look for a used one on www.marktplaats.nl, that's where I buy (and sell) a lot of my gear.
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