Has anybody here ever played at club crannel in poughpise,NY?....idk if i spelld that right...its a really kool place and i might get a chance to play there!
we havent thought of a name yet but ive been to the loft...awesome place...hav u evr been to the chance?

my friend played in club crannel jan. 6 and i got bored and hes bookin us a show hopefully there soon and im tryin to get a band name so if u can help me out that would be kool.....by the way where are u guys located?
my bands from beacon ny if u no where that is
Yea never been to the chance but i hear its awesome place. The other guitarist in my band played there with another band and told me it was pretty sweet. I really can't help you out about a band name cause i just suck at picking names. Yea were from Somers ny. Do u guys have a myspace or anything like that?
i wish we did but the other band members think that "were not ready"....we've been practicing 4 around 6 months now and wrote around 7 songs....i think thats ready!!! lol

wat du u play in the band?
Im the rhythm guitarist. Yea you guys should defenitley make a myspace. I think its a good way to get people to hear your music