Well I'm going to get a wah pedal tomorrow and I've had my eye set on this DB-01 Crybaby. Has anyone ever used this pedal? If so, what did you think of it?
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It's very versitile, it does well for my classic rock stuff, metal, and sounds great on clean. If you want versitility, go for this wah.
its awesome.. i use it for wah solos like in ****ing hostile so definatly get it

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It does everything. One of the most versatile wahs out there. But it's calling is for metal ! The high end frequency sweep allows a very vocal wah which cuts through when you play high up the neck. You wont be disappointed with it!
It's an awesome wah, great for on the lower frets...on the higher frets, it's also pretty good...I still think I'm press on the wah too fast .
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Very versatile wah, sounds great with cleans and awesome with distortion. Also, you can get heaps of different wah sounds on it with the Variable Q control, Frequency range switch and Fine Tuner. It has an awesome sweep and goes from very low to very high and is smooth all the way in beetween. I find that the same wah through different amps can sound better or worse, but with the Variable Q control, Frequency range switch and Fine Tuner you can adjust your settings to suit the amp. Once again, its versatility is what suprised me most about this wah, I get good, bluesy wah tones and Hendrix and Frusciante wah tones out of it on cleans and with distortioin I nail Dimebag and Kirk Hammet wah sounds, basically i think it can do everything you want a wah to do. Also it has a gain/volume boost of 20dB (I think its 20dB) which is handy for solos. I strongly recommend the Crybaby From Hell or the 535q if you wanna save a bit of cash.
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