I recently purchased a 6 string bass on ebay a few days ago, and found out yesterday I could have pwned a John Myung signature for only 200 smackaroos more. is it really worth all that much more or will a 5 or even 4 string suffice?
I personally think a 6 string is a little excessive. I own a 4 string but will be getting a 5 soon. I dont like how the spacing is so small in 6 strings. I couldnt take it.
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i'm a guitarist, but i've play bass quite frequently (when i have to) and i've found that 4 strings is suffecient, 5 is nice, and 6 seems overkill (prolly for really experienced bassist or a particular sound)
I play a 6-string. The John Myung might have been nice, but you probably wouldn't want to waste 200 more just for the name. What kind of 6-string did you win?

Everyone who says 6-strings are overkill....well, its preference. In my case, I use a 6 because my band is only 3 people, and sometimes I will play melody. It takes skill, but its really fulfilling.
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i like 6 strings and think they can be usefull in certain contexts, but ive seen many people that use them when they really dont know how to make the best use of them and that seems like an excessive waste.
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^ For that a five string will suffice with just a high C instead of a low B. No modding as far as I can see.(or very little) And in jazz you will never use a low B string with anything other than the nouveau jazz sometimes. Other than that jazz is all based on a Standup which is four string so the B is just a hinderance. (in jazz anyway.)
I used to play 6-string but the huge neck pwned my girly wrist, so I sold it and used the money toward my 700 watt Peavey head. Fair trade?
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To be honest, it depends on the style of playing you have. one of teh best 6 string users I have seen is from a local band here in Oregon. They had a really unique sound because the Bassist would accent choice notes with chords. He had a 6 string so he could more easely make chords. They played hard rock too, one of the better bands that day.

It really all depends on yoru style of music. I think that a 6 string would be nice for a few songs, but it really just depends on how you play it.

I suggest you just go to a gutiar shop and just play one, see if you like it or not.
A 5 string would be quite enough in my opinion. If u want a high C, put a capo on 5th fret, and voila! Yea I know 6 string is useful in heavier songs, but still its quite rare to see a bassist put a 6 string to good use.
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