I'm constructing a guitar (the body mostly) and I want to know if I place a Les Paul neck or some other premade Gibson neck into a flat cavity if the neck will be titled the proper 1.5-3 degrees for the Tune O Matic bridge to work.

If not, what is the deal with hardtail bridges? Do these require tail pieces or stringing through the back?

I want to find the most easily installable bridge, but angling the neck (for TOM bridges) seems to be equally as time consuming and difficult as drilling through the back (like a Fender tremolo bridge), and I can't seem to find a bridge that doesnt require either of these processes.

Thank you
just put some shims in the neck. as someone who has built guitars before how shimming works, like AlGeeEater.

bu idk what to tell you, just that you have to do what you have to do.
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i'm pretty sure that PRS-style stoptails don't need it.
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Gibson doesn't do premade necks. You could buy a Les Paul STYLE neck if you want.

You could just recess the bridge about 2 mm or so into the body. But a shim would be alot easier.
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If your building the body wait till you get the neck, then if the neck is angle route the pocket accordingly, and if it's not angled route and angle neck pocket.
You can make a jig like this guy... http://www.mykaguitars.com/tools/neckpocketjig/default.htm

...or recess the bridge. Actually this isn't as difficult as it might seem to be. Since you are using a TOM bridge, the depth of the recessed area won't need to be as precise as make a neck angle, since you can adjust the bridge height.
sorry to higjack the thread, but why does the neck need the angle for the TOM to work? and how would i go about doing the neck angle once I build the body?

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You need a slight angle in the neck pocket because the TOM bridge is higher than a normal FR birdges, therefore making the strings float above the fretboard a little too high for comfy playing. If you get the neck pocket angled (headstock tilted backwards) the whole neck will be aligned with the strings.