Ok, I cant figure this out. I wanna learn how to do it. Ive been playing guitar for about 6 months and I really wanna do it, but can anyone give me some tips? I absolutely suck at it. And I want to try to play a sweep solo in my friends bands song, if someone could tell me what it is... www.myspace.com/excrementorium second song, shortly after the intro. Please help, yes I searched it and there were no recent sweep picking things
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dude its hard...i havent bothered trying yet. i thought there were some lessons here....hm...
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Just find a fairly easy arpeggio and practice sweeping it. I've been doing that for a few weeks but I still suck at it.
Dude you can't play for only 6 months and learn to sweep. I've been playing Guitar for 2 years and i still can't get it. Give it a couple of more years or at least months. If you really wanna learn then try and get the September/October 2006 Issue of GuitarEdge.
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have a go at this, ive not checked it all but it looks like a simple introduction to sweep picking with some exercises and i believe you can hear a sample to help you know what to aim for.

sweep picking

if you take some time to learn that well, gradually getting faster until you can play perfectly and at a decent speed you wont go far wrong. it will take and time and effort though, this isnt an overnight thing.

Sweeping can be difficult if you don't have very good fretting hand/picking hand syncronization. It takes alot of practice but it is worth it in the end.

Figure out a simple 1-b3-5 triad on the top three strings. Then, play the three notes, but play them all downstrokes. Do not "pick" the notes per-say, just glide the strings over them like you are strumming a chord. With your picking hand, only fret one of the notes at a time and lift off your finger quickly after hitting the note. Make sure mute the excess strings with extra fingers or your palm.

This is a difficult technique to nail, so make sure you practice it a lot.
I would say the easiest way to learn a sweep in your friends bands song is to ask him to teach you?

Basically you just have to get a fluid motion in your picking hand and get very comfortable with it but dont make it fast cause most likely your fretting hand won't be able to keep up. Then pick a pretty easy, I'd suggest 3 string, pattern to sweep and work that until your are comfortable and then eventually work up to 4,5, and 6 string sweeps. Heres a pretty easy pattern i started with:


Don't expect to be Rustey Cooley in the first few weeks or months sweeping is a hard technique and takes lots of time and practice.
there is no way in hell your gonna play that shit only after six months. but if you really want to learn how then ask your friend how to play it, and practice it extremely slow over and over for at least one hour everyday. (dont let that be all your practicing.)

if you dont know the technique behind it, you take an arpeggio and pick all the notes wtihou letting the notes ring and without staccato picking it. some things that may help pick wise is one dont use a flexible pick, jazz picks for instance are very good for sweeping, and two tilt your pick sideways. if you still dont understand check out the sweep picking lesson under the guest column section, it is a very big help.

i like your friends band btw.
I think there's a sweeping lesson here on UG by pick n' grin

I started there, quite badly and slowly might I add, after the first few months, I took off with sweeping and I'm doing my own sweeping pieces
if your hell bent on learning go to youtube and type in sweeping lessons. you'll find something
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