My band's buying a PA system for live shows and we need to know a good live mixer to get. With atleast 16 mic inputs.
jesus, thats gonna b expensive! our band has a 4 track mixer and it works fine, but were just using 2 mics and bass/keyboard
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but yeah its fine
yamaha mg mixer. they have a few different ones. one has 16 inputs. it also has some reverb and delay effects on it. its really nice.
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Personally, if you need more than 16 inputs, I'd go for like a Yamaha o2r. Very nice boards, nice sound. It's digital, 48 inputs. I know, way over what your looking for, but its a board where you can show up and say "hey, I can mix my band, and yours if you want." 90 something scene memories, 2 effects returns, uh, Stereo send. 6 aux (plus 2 effect aux sends). Very nice boards. I love em. You'd just have to buy 2 preamplifiers for the flip channels that don't have a preamp. But its a really great board, and you can find it on ebay for under 800 if your lucky.
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