Anyone like them? I did do a search before you ask. Have members of Nightwish, Embraze, Reflexion, Kalmah and Eternal Tears of Sorrow in. Opinions?
Never heard of them before but like nightwish!
Do they sound similar?
Any song recomendations?


I would recommend Queen Misery, Autumn Harmony, and perhaps Broken Days if you're really into the gothic thing. They sound a bit like Charon (another band I love)... ermm... Nightwish-style synth (thanks to holopainen) but they have a male singer. Very good though, you should look them up
I just got their album, I must say, it can get a bit repeatitive, but overall a good album. I like this band.
Apparently they aren't making another one for a while... They all love their own bands more than FMP...
Lol, well, I prefer the other bands, not saying For My Pain arent good, but I'd much rather listen to the other bands.
you could try their myspace... To be honest the only way i heard a lot of their stuff was when i bought the album (lucky it was good...) they don't seem to have the best publicity.