Hey guys, I just wanted to get some feedback on a short little song I recorded. It was first take, and any criticism is definitely welcome. Thanks! I will gladly crit for crit!

The song is called Passing Chance
I really didnt not like the cluttered sound. The echoed guitar hits and feedback were annoying. It sounded over produced. The music was cool. Very Santana I thought.

EDIT: OCAC was cool as hell.
Thanks danilo 19. I did the music for passing chance on my computers mic. OCAC took us a long time to do, thanks for listening to it.
Hey man thanks for the crit on mine. The song you posted on here would need much better production for me to really dig it, but i see the potential to be a trippy volta sounding thing. heres the good news, OCAC freakin kicks a plethoric amount of ass. The whole thing freakin rocks, time sig changes, guitar work(especially that backwards solo), bass riffs, vocals were very sweet and kinda bluesy(backgrounds vox hinting at new volta cd?). Also the little funky sections it will go into are very cool, nice to hear a good groove goin in this style. If this bad boy had professional recording it would be something i would be puttin on my ipod. first minute off part 2 was a little goofy haha, but by no means ruined anything and the solo it went into was redunculous(as was the last one). Just gotta say i love hearing some people carrying on the spirit of ELP, King Crimson, yes, and mahavishnu, but the thing is your vox give this a definite original sound. This is the kinda stuff i love seein bands do man keep it up and stick to this sound until you guys get the money to have a sweet studio(which im sure you will)!!
He came dancing across the water
Cortez, cortez
What a killer.
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i really like the vocals but i didnt like the echo that much but it is still a pretty cool song
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i tripped to that n im not even high, sounded like poetry turned to music, very intriguing i'd listen to it again

ps. reminds me of the song after Spanish Caravan on Waiting for the Sun
Wow...I loved Passing Chance, it had a very Spanish-guitar-ish sound; Very trancy song, I loved it; I also checked out OCAC; What does the acronym stand for? Either way it's a very cool song...I noticed that the intro for the song sounds an awful lot like "Highway Song" by Blackfoot; I really like your voice/vocals, they really fit your music, which is absolutely amazing; OCAC(as stated before) is a kick ass song, very progressive and poetic, the guitar solo around 3:20 is sooo cool, it's short and sweet but I love it; Very very nice work; It's too bad you live in Oklahoma otherwise I'd go to your show at "Under the Mooch" :-)

very very cool song man. digging the whole vibe, i think the echoes just add to it and it's even better because i'm kinda buzzed. quite a strange song, i could see it in the middle of an album to set the mood for another song. the other posters are making me wanna listen to ocac. and i'm listening to it right now and i'm reminded of the police in particular canary in a coalmine haha it must be the solo at 2:00. holy crap then the whole song changes. this is really good stuff man and i like the vocals too. btw i added you, which i never do, all the other "friends" i have are random ppl who added me haha.
OCAC - Of Clocks And Clouds

It is supposed to all be one track but we split it up so we could fit the whole thing on out MySpace.

Of Clocks And Clouds was the first song we put together and recorded with the current member line up that we have. It remains our most progressive song and by far the longest in length.
even though it isn't my type of genre (which has nothing to do with this) its a pretty well done song (cept the sound, but hey, i'm not one to talk about that either) overall its pretty good
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