I am thinkin about buyin a d-tune but i wanna know if using it will put my other strings out of tune because i have a floating floyd rose trem because that would totally defuse the purpose of using.
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Well, the D-Tuna is a fickle beast. I can tell you right off that it won't work for you, because you have a floating trem. Ignoring the fact that the D-Tuna won't even go on some Floyd Rose versions because of the way the screws are put in, it'll get in the way when you pull up the bar. It was designed for use on non-floating trems.

But no, it wouldn't knock the others out of tune. That is the point of it.
yeah it doesnt work on non-floating trems, but every time ive tried one its never gotten exactly to pitch and its far off enough to be noticeable when playing power chords and whatnot
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From what I remember of the manual for the D-Tuna, I believe it specifically states that it WILL NOT work on a floating trem...you must have your trem flat against the body or some other pivot point. If you have a recess that allows the trem to be pulled up, then you can install a small block of wood either in the recess or the tremolo cavity at the neck side of the bridge for it to come to rest on. Then the D-Tuna should work as noted (if you happen to have a compatible FR, which pretty much means nothing in the Ibanez camp).