everything has been going bloody slow for me computer and i have checked for viruses and the matter. What are some other things i can do that would make it faster because it is usually a very fast computer and all of a sudden the whole time im on a web page its loading the whole time and whatnot.

thanks for any help
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If webpages are loading slowly, it has almost nothing to do with your actual computer. It means that there's either a problem with your ISP, or there are conflicting network problems. You're not very specific.
A) Is it ALL webpages, or just a certain one?
B) Which internet service do you have? (56k, DSL, Cable, etc)
C) Are you using a hub/router/switch/etc?
maybe the server is being used by a lot of people at once, maybe a cable is loose, maybe someone is making modifications to the server
Do ctrl + alt + delete, go to processes and see if anything has a high number of CPU or mem usage, then tell us what those things are, if any.
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Huh... I just got 2.something megabits, 1.6 megabits, then 4.5 megabits >_>

I am printing a bunch of stuff and have a few internet windows open.. dunno if that matters.
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okay so if i turn those things off how do i KEEP them from comiing on when i turn on the comptuer and whatnot

Well... we'll probably need to know what they are to help you... >_>
start >> run >> msconfig
Turn off unnecessary junk in the startup tab.

Also, uninstall BS programs you have that take up resources. Start >> run >> control panel >> add/remove software.
ive done that but it doesnt turn off processes. in lower left theres always a transferring data thing like everything is still loading, especially graphics, and i have a good graphics card so like how do you turn off the proccesses, or is there anything in the about:config thing thats making it load alot slower than it should

EDIT: btw like battlefield 2142 runs fine so its probably not the connection but like firefox exclusively, so if that helps any..
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