hi guys,

i have been playing guitar for a while but only acoustic. I got a new electric guitar for myself today. Having some general problems so thot id post it for u to help me out. First thing is what does the pickup selector used for?
Second, is there a way configure a setting for the volume and tune controls? How can they effect the output?
Third, I am having some problem playing the guitar in both standing and sitting position (i have a strap). Any suggestion on the posture and how to solve it out?

Waiting for replies...
1.the pick up selector does what it says, it switches between pick-ups.
2, huh?
3, umm you just play it

what kind of guitar is it?
The pickup selector chooses which pickup you use. Pickups are the metal things with plastic covers that you see between the bridge and neck underneat the strings. They're magnetic and pick up a signal from the vibrating strings. Most guitars have three pickups and the position of each pickup effects the tone. Pickups near the neck are usually bassier and ones closer to the bridge are more treble.

The volume and tone controls just effect how loud you are and how bassy or trebly you sound.

Hold it just how you do the acoustic when you sit down, keep your back strait. When standing up adjust your strap to where you can play while keeping your fretting hands wrist strait. It takes getting used to.
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1 Pickup selector switches b/w pickups
2 No, you have to set it yourself, unless you have an amp that can be programmed to a set volume and tone
3 Comfort is everything when sitting and playing, I have a little foot "chair" that elevates my right leg (which my guitar rests on). Never use a strap when sitting, it becomes a hindrance. There should be a little buckle on your strap that allows you to tighten or loosen it, set it to your preffered length
The PU selector is to choose the pickups (SHOCKING NEWS). The pickups are those magnet thingies on the guitar, where the string pass above. They detect the vibration of the strings, so just strum them and change the PU selector position to see the diference in the sound. If you have a guitar with two PUs, the middle position, the middle rows of magnets (coils) of each pickup will be on and the rest off. This works for the other positions, just hum... "think" |:

Well, you can change the bass, middle, trebble and gain (if available) in your amplifier (or pedals, if you have any). The volume and the tone knobs on your guitar control what they are assigned to. Anyway, I didn't really understood your question, so if I'm answering something else, you might want to rephrase that. |:

Start sitting, although if you have enough experience start playing standing. Don't forget to bend your wrist properly. If you can't, just try the Morrello/Petrucci way: tight your strap until your guitar is against your chest. Doesn't look cool but you'll get an amazing technique that way.

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