Thanks for reading, I know these noob threads can be annoying.

Like I said, I read the stickies. I'm looking to get started inexpensively. I want some over-dubbing capability, I could probably get by with just four tracks, but more is better. Never know when you might want to add a tamborine. The M-Audio Fast Track looks like decent hardware for me. I'm not concerned about the latency issues if I can simply turn the volume down.

I'm wondering how it lines up with the free software also listed. Will this run with something like Audacity relatively stress free? Is there a better program on the list for the Fast Track? Or should I be looking in a completely different direction? I'm open to buying something, but not if I don't have to. I'm just looking for simple to make, decent sounding recordings.

On mic's, would I be better off with a Shure 57 or 58 to do both vocals and amp recording?

A standard instrument cable fine for a direct line out, right?

Thanks again.
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well i know that you cant over dub with audacity, at least not easily, but if you recorded on audacity, you could download LAME which is their converter product, also free, and export it as an mp3 and then anything should take it
actually it's pretty easy to overdub on audacity^

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