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I know there are other threads of people looking for instrumentals but im just trying to find more so if you could can you give me some lists of songs.
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There are hundreds of thousands of instrumentals in the world. What kind of music are you thinking? I think you should go for artists, not songs, and there are plenty of threads of shread artists if that's what you're after.
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metallica - orion
dream theater - stream of consciousness

those are my two favorite...there are a lot and you didn't specify genre so sorry if you don't like these
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Scarified- Racer X
Technical Difficulties-Racer X
For the Love of God- Steve Vai
Bad Horsie- Steve Vai
Surfing with the Alien- Satriani
(actually, most vai an satch stuff is worth a listen)
Shawn Lane- Grey Pianos flying

look into some classical stuff, maybe.
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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Erotomania - Dream Theater
Just about almost every Trans-Siberian Orchestra song

All of becker's solo work
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tender surrender - steve vai
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i shouldnt be writing this in this part of the forum cos it a million miles away from shred but check out futtermans rule by the beastie boys. its ****ing awesome
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All types, eh?

Are you interested at all in world music? I find that listening to Ravi Shankar helps to clear my clouded mind and opens new doors of creativity. And Japanese Kodo drums get me pumped to play some heavy shit.

Dont limit yourself strictly to guitar music. You may find inspiration somewhere you never thought to look.