I just got the CD a couple days and it's really amazing and I had to do this song, and surprisingly it was just about in my vocal range. I know I messed up at one point
(In the deafness of my world) but it was either post this now or wait till I could get through recording it without screaming siblings or ringing telephones...
anyways I had a lot of fun with it and here it is

Crit For Crit

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First off, fabulous voice. Second, you've got very nice guitar playing. Great songs.
I look just like Buddy Holly.
whats up dude, thanks for the crit on the coldplay song, and yeah TAcKs was an original, im glad i kept it an instrumental too. but american idol is on right now on tv and listening to a bunch of horrible singers makes your songs kinda a breathe of fresh air. never heard the lazarus song before but it sounds really good though. dug the scar tissue, was kinda hoping youd hit the chorus in the normal octave, but i have pretty limited range too, so uh yeah, good work though.