Well, I have just enough money to buy the pedal of my dreams, but now I need help. Ive always wanted a Digitech Whammy pedal. They sell for about $200 each. I was reading a magazine the other dayand I found this. Its the EX-7 Expression Factory (Also by Digitech). It is the same price, but it includes the Whammy effect, a nice wah effect and 5 other neat effects. I already have a nice wah pedal, so I'll probaly only use the other effects. Im just curious if it does the same as the whammy why it would be more and if it is a good deal to buy. Thanks.
Have you played the whammy pedal? I believe the Boss Super Shifter is like it, and I think it costs less.
I have and I love it. I have also used the Boss Super Shifter. I have not tried this pedal though, but according to the description is sounds like a good deal. Im just checking to see for sure.
the whammy sounds a lot better than the EX-7 version, get a real whammy.
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there's no pedal in the world quite like the whammy. i've always wanted one, just like you, and i'd definitely go for it.
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does anybody know how a Boss PS+ an expression pedal compares to some crappy WH reissue? i hear things about the whammy being a nasty tone sucker but never anything about the Boss one. and if the boss one is controllable i dont know how it DOESNT beat a normal whammy.

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