I am buying a fender blues junior and I know that this thing overdrives by crankin the volume. I want to know what kind of tubes would get it some more gain when i crank the volume? Here are the tubes already in it: 3 X 12AX7,
2 X EL84,

Tubes arent gonna get you more gain with a true tube amp (no distortion)
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I guess your right hahaha kinda forget that hahaa. Well does ayone know any good mods to do to a Fender blues Junior?
You could boost it with an overdrive
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you can boost it, you can get tubes that break up earlier but they dont make that big of a difference IMO, you can bias it hotter to get more power amp distortion, and i have seen a few of them that have been hot rodded to where they can get some good hard rock distortion, but tat requires adding gain stages, which is a pretty major modification.
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getting a booster pedal (NOT an overdrive) will make them break up at a lower volume. OD pedals are the smooth version of a distortion pedal.
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