So I got a new RG321, and from what I've heard, the pickups aren't the best. I don't quite get the clean tone I want (althought it may be from the amp - Spider III 15) but I've been considering getting a couple of new pickups. I know you will all say to get a new amp first, but pretend that I have a really nice one for now because I plan to upgrade it in the near future.

I'm looking for something thats good for metal (slipknot, darkest hour, lamb of god) but something that can also be versatile because I really like to play blink-182 stuff (no flaming allowed =P). I've been looking into EMG's specifically the 81/85 or 81/60. I've also heard some people reccomending duncans or dizmario's. Which would be best? Please be specific as to what model etc. Thanks!
Those EMGs are active pickups which would involve switching out the input jack as well as the tone and volume pots, and wiring in a battery. Plus active pickups suck clean. I would recommend a Seymour Duncan JB or DiMarzio Evolution for the bridge, a Dimarzio PAF Pro, Fred, or 'Duncan SH-2N Jazz for the neck or a set of Lace Drop & Gains.

Those are all passive pickups that would wire it pretty easy and probably serve your needs very well.
I didn't realize so much work went into putting active pickups in. It would be my first time trying them. Maybe I'll steer clear of those for now.