I've been looking at amps for while and finally I came about a stack that seems its my price range and its looks like its got enough power that I need (Need to compete with my guitarists' 120w)

I was looking at the Hartke VX410 with a Hartke HA2500 head. I found it online but Im going tommorow to check it out.

Does anyone have any experience with this combination? Hows the tone? Is it loud? (I won't be able to turn it up high at my local store) And does it last a while?

Also... is the 2500 head gonna suit this alright? Is there another head is this price range that is better? Or should I save for a better head?

Thanks alot. Im not expecting answers to every question, just some help will do.
I was going to get the HA2500, but I got the 3500 instead and I don't regret it.

The 2500 will only put out 140w into one 8ohm cab, while the 3500 will put out 250w. There's alot more headroom there, so if you can, the 3500 will last longer.

If funkmaster doesn't reply maybe send him a PM, he owns a VX410.
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^I've got one as well. And while it's a decent cab, if you are looking for paper cones it's not anywhere near the best. Hartke is really known for their Aluminum cabs. This this cab is great for the price.

I also second what TGM said, go with a more powerful head. That cab can handle up to 400watts at 8 ohm.
If money is an issue, I'd get the 410TP cab instead, which has aluminium cones. But it has a lower wattage handle. Really up to you. Don't think you can really go wrong with Hartke
Im thinking of buying the with the transporter cab because i tried one out locally and its such a nice amp! Is the transporter cab any smaller than a standard 4x10?
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Yeah, its smaller and lighter.
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I really like the head alot. It sounds great and it is definately loud enough for me(although I'm running it through a 4 ohm cab), it is a great head for the price.