My band and me want to cover a song by another band and put it on our Myspace to listen to. We will not be selling it and it won't be going on any of our CD's. All we need to do this is the permission from the band and to give credit to the band for the song, right?
Of course. Sure. Why not.

Edit: That depends if the band members are still alive and whatnot. Then you ask who has the rights to the songs. I think.
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u dont need rights to do a damn cover for frickin myspace!
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The band has nothing to do with it. You need to contact the publshing company that licenses the songs.
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Technically you need to, but in reality it won't be enforced if it's just on myspace and you're not that big. People will only sue you if you have money anyways, because it doesn't make sense to sue someone who is broke... worse case, you'll get a request for an injunction and then you'll just have to take it down. When you're big, rich and famous then your fancy lawyers will take care of these details... so bottom line? Just do the cover and don't worry about it.
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Technically you need to,

Who told you that? The only way that would happen is if the artists did all their own publishing. I know for a fact that you can cover any song without the artists knowing about it and get away with it as long as you pay the publishing fees. It's happened many of times before. Some people do it just out of courtesy, such as Weird Al.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
So many people put covers on myspace without asking or getting permission. Your probably supposed to, but theres no way you'll be caught. The worst they could do is shut down the mypsace which I have never seen happen.

I mean there's a whole forum on this cite devoted to peoples own cover songs, probably none of which have contacted the label/band.
putting it on myspace should not be a problem as long as you make sure to mention the song like "your band name" "song title" then "Originally Performed by" "Artist/bands name". Since you are not making a profit on it, you should not see any legal troubles. The fact that you are using myspace is a prime example that you are but a small blip on the radar.
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my school took three bands(including my band) to a recording studio to record a complation and the other two recorded covers(which i think is illegal) and we recoded originals but is it illegal to record covers without permission? we werent getting money or anything but it was just for experience
my band covered two covers and two original, but only one got on the internet
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it is not illegal to cover a song in a studio.

It's a waste of your money and the studio's time, but its not illegal.
sorry for hijacking, but what would you have to do if you were gonna cover a song, but change it i.e. little wing (hendrix, SRV) etc.... theres tons

do you have to get permission??

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As long as you don't make money from it you're fine cover away.

Even the making money part is a grey area - say you do a gig and get paid for it and do a cover you're ok. You put a cover as a b-side on a single your ok. The theory being that nobody is buying the single for the b-side they are paying for the a-side etc etc.