SRX400 or the SR390? I want a bass guitar thats an upgrade from my RBX170 and that comes in black. Also I want a fast neck with just overall good features. Which would you recommend? also if theres something else you think would be better for about $400 bucks then feel free to share it with me
I've heard good things about the EDB405 (Ibanez) and it's $400. I plan to try it out at Guitar Center soon.

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I would look at some Jacksons if I were you. OOOHHH that's right I said JACKSON! Nobodys brought those up in a long time. Their fast moving necks and just about all of them come in black, though color is about the last thing you should consider on a bass. I don't think it'll be around $400 however....
I personally wouldn't reccomend an Ibanez, I don't think you get a fat enough tone out of one of them. Not to discourage you, if you have your heart set on one; the 390 looks veeerry nice and the 400 looks veeeeeerry ugly. I'd go with Some Fenders can go for $400, you could get a Washburn Bantam I think for around that price range too. But if you want to save up a little longer, you can get a Warwick Rockbass shown here. Very very versatile instrument, you can go from playing metal to jazz to funk to rock and everywhere in between in the same session. Nice, warm tone with a good growl for slapping and such. I'd also reccomend a low-end Spector