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Strength and health purposes.
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
I do it for better health....and sex appeal.
Self-Improvement is Masturbation
Ok, how many people walk into a gym and say "I'm going to build up my self-esteem"

I waste my time working out at the gym 5 times a week, but I originally started doing it (about 3 years ago) for a girl. What motivates a guy to start working out is a hot chick and one of those days when you step out of the shower and realize you're fat.
Really? Cuz I do it so tht one day i will be able to lift cars.
Just think of the reaction of those babes when they are suddenly 5 feet in the air.
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Strength and health purposes.

+1, The good physique just adds to the reasons of why one should work out.
I used to be a fatty so I have to workout to keep my weight where it's at.
To defend youself against 3 guys with bandanas at a train station when they ask you for your wallet at 3:00 a.m.
And because being a lazy, unhealthy and unappreciative person toward your body just isn't really appealing to anyone. I hope.
i work out to not get fat
i eat lot of chocolate
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
why do i work out?

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Chord of David, eh?
G Sus, perhaps?
Five reasons here:

Feels good
Looks good
Life is underrated.

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That's like saying you got cancer that comes with AIDS.
My right arm felt too strong so I worked out to even it out.
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I think white people are better than black people.
While this statement is kinda racist and straightforward, it does have many FACTS to back it up lolz.

I would work out for sex appeal, health, so I could play sports again, beat the crap out of the guy who kissed my girlfriend, and how it feels(I used to be really fit).
If you're saying you guess I don't work out...(Rather egotistical eh? lol), you're right. I don't at all. I wish I did, but I don't... It's pretty sad really.
Nah, I just wanted to stop being a skinny weak bastard. I'm glad I didn't do it for sex appeal, because I got some stretch marks from working out too much, and that would've killed my confidence if I had done it for that reason.
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
Not to mention self esteem.
I love neapolitan ice cream, but I HATE VANILA AND STRAWBERRY!

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I work out because it's one of the only things that makes me happy now. And I can read and/or listen to music when I'm doing it so I don't really waste my time with it either.
Drop another coin in the slot, and I will tell you more...
I do it to keep my weight under control, because my family has a history of hypertension, because I hate feeling like I'm carrying another person when I'm doing jiu jitsu or running or any other endurance activity, and also because once I lose enough weight, with the natural strength I developed because I was heavy, I'll look jacked
Hi, I'm Peter
I do it because a bulging six pack compensates for the distinct lack of bulge in my pants.

That and the fact that I've got a sway back and if I don't work on my abs then my spine will ejector-seat it's arse out of my body so fast that it'd even impress Saddam's aides.
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And all these reasons lead... to getting sex! Yay for sexy reasons!

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+1. This man knows his ****.

Walker Rose.
All those people saying they want to work out to kick someones ass, then you should do lots of squats and other leg exercises. It helps to have a strong chest and strong arms, but most of the driving power to lets say, tackle someone, comes from the drive in your legs.
I would work out but I'm too embarrassed to be seen with weights.
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sex is my workout. i kill two birds with one stone.
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