So I'm looking at the valvekings the 112 and 212 combos
but I don't know if the 112 would be loud enough for band practices and semi large gigs
I'm counting on the 212 to be louad enough but I could have the 112 up louder and get a better tube tone at home so i'm counting ont he helpful ugers to let me know which would be better
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the 212 is more than u'll ever need ... unless ur playing in a stadium... enuf for any hall... personally i would go bak to the 112 if i can

how semi large is ur definition of semi large... 100s? 1000s? 10000s?

p.s. i always prefer micing anyway if i can cos when ur that close to the amp with the 212 turned up it will feedback like hell.. this also reduces hearing damage

edit: unless u have a roadie crew .. or band mates who are willing to help out.. its hard carring it for more than 2 blocks
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I just got the 112, and that bastard is pretty loud. I have a gig this Friday, so I'll let you know how it help up.
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